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e high price of the fuel during ▓the rebels' time."Most people have opte▓d to ride bic▓ycles and it has b▓ecome the main transportati▓on here in Douma because the fuel was expensive but of course, we▓ favor cars or motorcycle▓s or buses," he said.Another▓ biker Omar al-Ruz said even though the bikes were an acceptable alternative during the war, but they were no▓t enough especially▓ for workers ▓who move heavy stuff from one place to another▓."The bicycle w▓asn't enough of a▓ transportati▓on to meet our demands ... for example, I can▓'t transport g▓oods of 100 kg on this bicycl▓e, maybe 50 kg max," he said.F▓or his part▓, Bash

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ar Ajweh, anot▓her resident▓ of Douma, said t▓hat several ▓places for fixing b▓icycles were ▓opened in Douma▓ during the war, adding that mainte▓nance workers used to charge very high fees for fixing the bicycles, ▓whose price▓s have jumped ▓10 folds durin▓g the war.He said ▓that he used to buy fuel in plastic cans▓ for his motorcycle but when it got so e▓xpensive, ▓he parked it and started using both▓ the electric bicyc▓le and the r▓egular one."Bicycle▓s have not only bec▓ome the main transpo▓rtation for regular ▓people but also for workers w▓ho move stu▓ff from one place to a▓nother but of course lite stuff only," th▓e man said.For

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the people in Douma, the transpor▓tation at this mom▓ent is impor▓tant but the more important thing is f▓ood, which has▓ started entering Do▓uma at prices supported by the government, ▓contrary to the rebel times when▓ the militant▓s used to stockpile food in their warehouses while giving so l▓ittle to the p▓eople at high pric▓es.During a v▓isit for Xinhua▓ and other ▓media outlets▓ to Douma on Sun▓day, people were lined up▓ to receive free bread bundles provi▓ded by the government.Also truc▓ks of foods, like po▓tato, tomato and cucumber, we▓re seen selling food▓ items for the civilians at low price▓s.People were seen carrying heav

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alks in some of the streets there, reflecting the dama ge t▓hat has befallen lar▓ge areas there as a result o▓f the wa r that has dragged on for six years in Eastern Ghouta. Old and y▓oung men, as w▓ell as children, were riding bi
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